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Are you looking for the perfect surprise for your nearest and dearest? Our gift finder has something for everyone: You’ll bring a smile to every face with these gifts – be they winter fans, ambitious outdoor enthusiasts, everyday adventurers, nature lovers and lifestyle experts.

Man putting on his 3-in-1 jacket

The active personality

His programme takes place in the outdoors, no matter what the weather. He knows no boundaries, only freedom. Muddy tracks and unpaved paths are pure pleasure and are just the thing to clear his head. Why not surprise him this Christmas with high performance gear for his trips.

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Man skiing

The downhill racer

As soon as the temperatures start to fall, his anticipation for winter grows. He just can’t contain himself when he sees the first signs of snow settling on the slopes. With bright sunshine and snow-covered mountain tops in the background, he heads for the slopes at full speed where he senses the spirit of freedom.

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Man in the countryside

The urban nomad

He has hardly set foot through the door before he’s planning his next adventure. He is constantly on the road, either travelling or as part of his everyday routine, and is always on the lookout for new horizons. He takes only the most essential items with him – so what he needs are practical travel styles and high-performing multitaskers.

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Man in the countryside

The conservationist

He wishes to preserve the world for generations to come and aspires to conserve our planet. Protecting the environment is one of his greatest concerns. When he is out and about, he leaves the place as he found it. After all, we all want to experience unspoiled nature; isn’t that the case?

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Man in a jacket walks around the town

The lifestyle expert

For him, clothes make a statement. You will recognise him from afar with his unmistakable casual style and his sense of knowing where to find the on-trend places. If you want to make him smile with your gift, then give him an outdoor product that will match his urban lifestyle.

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